Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Something Out of Nothing

ball of yarn + scraps of felt = a cute scarf for Mabel.

I finished it just in time for Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo.
It was fun. Thanks Nana and Grampa!

Here is Mabel not wearing the scarf I worked hours on,
but notice she is wearing pants.
I was able to convince her that it was just too cold for a dress.


  1. What a cute scarf- of course it is pink. How did you get so talented??? You are something.
    Love and Hugs

  2. ADORABLE - you seriously need to have a little shop full of all the beautiful things you make - I'm so impressed. I also noticed that Mabel is wearing the pink cowgirl boots - I'm sure she LOVES them!

  3. I just know our kids would be friends! Emily (my 3 year old) flat out refuses to wear pants (even pajamas). She and Mabel could be quite the pair. (And I LOVE the scarf by the way. What stitch did you use?)

  4. wow steph, unbelievably cute, as usual. did you knit the whole thing in one day? you rock!
    and mabel looks so tall in boots and pants! just like our little texas weed, audrey. (the dr. called her that when she was 1 because she was long and skinny.)


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