Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Months and Months

Ever since we joined Blockbuster online months ago (I highly recommend it, by the way), Mabel has been waiting for this movie to come in the mail. Since we only get two movies a month, she has been waiting for a very long time. Nearly every day she would run out to the mailbox to see if Spirit had come. Well, today is her yucky day (as Oliver would say), Spirit came! She is currently sitting on the floor, with a popcorn bowl in hand, looking at the tv with rapt attention. I am sure we won't be sending this one back any time soon.


  1. Ah yes, Spirit. I remember watching it my first time with Audrey and her stuffed Spirit - she didn't want me looking at anything but the screen (certainly not the magazine in hand) - except times when she would tear down the hall, "being" Spirit. I have to admit that the animation is beautiful - horses are such incredible animals.

  2. as many times as i've seen that movie, i never get tired of it. i think it's the lack of excess dialogue and the fact that the animals don't actually talk that makes me like it. there are a few bryan adams songs in there that i could do without, however. :)
    um, you did know that you can rearrange your queue for movies and move on to the top, right? at least on netflix you can.

  3. so glad mabel got to see spirit! she is too little to notice all of the racist undertones. can't wait to see her next month. mom

  4. by the way...your Christmas card this year is my favorite so far. honestly - it is hilarious steph! i love it.


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