Saturday, November 18, 2006

Baby Guggle

Even though Leslie didn't tag me (I am totally not offended, by the way), I liked the idea of posting my earliest memory. As I was picking Mabel up from preschool the other day, I found myself wondering what she would remember from this time in her life. It made me think about my own earliest memories.

I think I was a couple of weeks shy of turning 4. Leslie and I were in the backyard in our leotards, reinacting scenes from the made for tv movie about the gymnast Nadia. I was Nadia. Leslie was Nadia's friend (what was her name?) because they both had very long blonde hair.

My mom had just given birth to Lincoln (now known as "Guggle" - like uncle) and my parents were bringing him home from the hospital.

Wait. . . maybe this is what we were doing when they brought Julianne home. I have a vague memory of my dad carrying Lincoln in from the car in his jacket because it was raining, which would mean that Leslie and I couldn't have been outside doing gymnastics. In that case, I was 5 and this isn't my earliest memory. Do you remember, Les?

I do remember an incident at preschool as a 4 year old. A girl in my class had a bracelet made out of colorful wooden beads that I wanted in a major way. I remember coming up with a cunning plan to "accidentally" steal it from her. Just minutes before my carpool was coming to pick me up, I asked the girl if I could try on her bracelet. She was very nice and said yes. As soon as I slipped it on my wrist, I saw my ride at the door of the classroom. I got up, well aware that I was still "trying on" the bracelet, and left. I still remember the shocked and sad look on the girl's face as she watched me walk away with her bracelet. She never said anything about it, but I felt incredible guilt. I went home, and after lying to my mom about where I got the bracelet (I told her my teacher gave them to all the girls), I hid it in a box in my room and never looked at it or wore it again. Isn't that terrible?

What is your earliest memory?


  1. oh steph, that is terrible!
    nadia's friend was theodora (tay-a-dora). and that was when julianne was coming home from the hospital. i remember that very well, but I don't remember when lincoln came home . . . anyway, that was fun, good ole' nadia, who drank bleach out of a coffee mug. :)

  2. Yes, that IS terrible.

  3. Oh, Steph... that is so sad. I feel for you!

  4. Steph, we never knew. Thankfully it was before the age of accountability and is long since forgotten. See you tomorrow night. Love you lots.

  5. It's good to know that story. The next time that you are over we will make sure to have the house Stephanie proof (hide anything of value) so we don't have an incident. - Brad

  6. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I think it is funny everyone seems so shocked by your "accident". Don't we all have those little skeletons in our closet?

  7. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Steph you are so wonderful and all children do thing when they are little and only thinking about their wants and needs. It is only when they grow up and are still thinking of their wants that we have problems. Thank goodness all of my children have become thoughtful,caring, and repectful of others. Think it is sometimes called selfisness. I am so blessed!Love you much Grammy

  8. Anonymous5:32 PM

    The poor little girl!! Hopefully that's not HER earliest memory...
    Mine is me crawling out of my parents bed the morning after my little sister was born. I would have been 2 1/2. I had on panties and a white t-shirt that had vegetables on it. I don't remember what happened after I crawled out of bed, but I do remember that part. Very exciting, I know.


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