Monday, October 23, 2006

These Boots are Made for Walking

We have returned from the lone star state. Here are some highlights:

Dear Audrey,
Mabel LOVES her new boots. I am sure she will wear them everyday. While we were at your house, Oliver liked to pretend that your boots were his. Isn't he silly? I don't know what it is with him and pink footwear. Thanks for playing with Mabel while we were there. She had so much fun in your room playing with unicorns and ponies!

Dear Miles,
Thanks for being so delicious. I couldn't smell you because of my dumb stuffy nose, but I was able to catch a wiff every once in a while. I am glad we got to see you before you get too big.

Dear bounce store,
Thanks for being so fun.

Dear Parker,
Thanks for being such a nice big cousin and blowing bubbles for Oliver. Oliver thinks you are really cool and loved playing with all of your toys. Next time you will have to come visit us at our house.

Dear Gramma and Pa,
Thanks for meeting us there. It was so fun to see you! Mabel especially loved that Pa slept with her on the little tiny twin-sized fold out couch. We can't wait to see you again next month.

Dear Gramma,
Thanks for bringing little chocolate balls. Oliver couldn't get enough of them.

Dear Leslie (and Neal),
Thanks for housing us, entertaining us, feeding us, and clothing us. We had so much fun! I wish we lived closer. Are you sure you won't consider Arizona? It's not that hot, I promise.


  1. Yeah for cousins... it looks like ya'll (hey texas!) had a great time! Thanks for all the cute pics!
    I am jealous you can put up all those pictures... blogger hasn't let me put up pictures for 3 days now!

  2. aw, we had so much fun. we miss you already! loving that bubble picture--and the chocolate one. :) and arizona is that hot, and so is texas. we need a happy medium, New Mexico? ha!

  3. When my nephew Chandler was Oliver's age he loved make-up, so I guess we shouldn't worry about Mr. Pink Feet.

  4. I love Oliver in the pink boots. So cute. I'm glad you and Leslie are back to blogging. :) I missed your entries last week. :)

  5. looks like fun! Can't wait to go see MY big sis. :)

  6. For a second there (before I read) I thought you gave in and bought Oliver the pink boots =) Cute kids!

  7. Love the pictures and so glad you had such a great time. We do have a wonderful family and such beautiful chidren. By beautiful children I include ALL of them.
    Sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. All are special people and we are blessed.

  8. We will promise too to Leslie that Arizona isn't that hot... compared to Texas... and ps AZ is a lot closer to Utah than Texas.

    It looks like you and your family had a good time, Steph. We sure miss you guys.

    See you next month!

    Love ya!!


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