Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me Time

(Please excuse the glare.)

"There are times when a bear has to be alone with himself,
to think his own thoughts and sing his own songs."
Bear by Himself
by Geoffrey Hayes


  1. oh, olibo. do you think he was talking to himself? I love catching my kids doing that. :)

  2. so cute!! i love that book and i love the view of olibo! mom

  3. I love listening to my kids talk to themselves also. Kind of lets me know what they are thinking... especially when they are repeating what I say- YIKES!

  4. so tender - that book is seriously the cutest thing - is it any wonder that their first few years are such an important influence on the rest of their lives? their "me time" now shapes who they are later - such a responsibility we have as mommies.

  5. So sweet!! I love watching them when they don't realize that I'm there.


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