Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Word of the Day

Oliver seems to be adding at least a word a day to his vocabulary.

Today's word: Odette, as in the Barbie from the Barbie Swan Lake movie.

The curse of the older sister lives on.

In other news, do you like his new birthday bike?
The temperature has finally dipped into the mid-90's, which I now consider to be pleasant bike riding and park-going weather. Strange, a year ago, temperatures in the mid-90's would have killed me.

I love Arizona.


  1. lovin the hair-do. around here we call that "boongey" hair.

  2. I notice that you wrote "I love Arizona." instead of "I love Arizona!" This lack of enthusiasm leads me to believe that you are LYING!!! :)

  3. How is this tricycle? Is it the radio flyer? We need one for Mia as she loves them, but I can't decide which one. The Kelty is awesome (we want the pushbar for sure), but $$. Thanks!

  4. our little PR3 party is going to be great - providing there is enough room on Leslie's DVR... ya, you will love it. can't wait!

  5. you should know that the average first grader only learns about 2 words a week. i think oliver is a genius. he sounds like quite the orator. he must have a great mom to encourage such learning! ;)

  6. My 4 year old never got the hang of the tri cycle (when she was younger) But she never got much of a chance to ride it b/c we lived in an apt. It was hard I think b/c the steering and pedaling are all 'connected' unlike a bicycle... she loves her bike and it took her no time to figure it out! I'd like to know if there's a tricycle w/o the 2 things connected... that's just my two cents!


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