Sunday, September 17, 2006

Scripture Power

When we moved to Arizona, our new primary gave Mabel her very own personalized Book of Mormon and a bag to carry it in. She was thrilled. But I was surprised when it took my pink-obsessed daughter almost 8 months to decide that she didn't want to carry a black scripture bag. So this week we made a pink one. She graciously donated her old bag to Oliver, who has always been jealous of it, anyway. So here they are enjoying a little serious scripture study in their poojies before church this morning.


  1. I'm with Mabel - a girl needs a cute handbag for her scriptures (I found super cute ones at the BYU bookstore a couple years ago) - what a great idea your primary has - I used to think we had to be super careful with kids and scriptures, but really what message are we sending if we don't let them "delve" into the scriptures on their own level - it's not like those cheap copies the elders give out are going to set us back that much, right? we need to get Jayden one, so he can get used to seeing and sounding out the language of the scriptures! Oh and tell Mabel that Chelsea is very jealous of her PRINCESS poojies - very fabulous.

  2. I love how serious they are! Studying the scriptures has never looked so good!

  3. That's adorable. Mine is black... still.. after all this time. You'd think I'd get creative. I'm lugging so much stuff to church it seems lately, primary, Jaxon's stuff, I should make something cute.

  4. Emma has that nightgown!

    Cute scripture bag.

    BTW... Emma's dress (from Elliott's blog) is from Old Navy... they should still have them, I just got it a couple of weeks ago.


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