Tuesday, September 19, 2006

18 and Counting

The amount of mosquito bites on Mabel's body are nearing astronomic proportions. So tonight in her prayers she asked Heavenly Father to make her "not so tasty for the bugs." That, and a little bug repellent should hopefully clear up the situation.


  1. it's so weird to me that you have so many mosquitoes in Arizona. I mean, it makes sense that we have them here in the tropics, but in the desert? i had no idea. poor mabel; tell her Parker is tasty for bugs, too, poor kid.

  2. Like Leslie- I had no idea you had mosquitos there... I barely ever see them here, where they are supposed to be prevelant.
    Poor Mabel... Tell her we love her!

  3. grammy8:33 AM

    Poor baby- she is just sooooo delicious. She will be better soon and I am sure Heavenly Father will answer her prayers. Love you all so much.

  4. apart from fire ants, mosquitoes are the meanest little things ever - so sad when little ones get attacked - Chelsea has three currently - these little girls just can't help being so sweet and yummy. hopefully with the drop in temps they'll go away - another advantage of fall coming, right? bring it on.

  5. I'm having frustrations with blogger... I just finished a response to your question and then opened the comments from my page & all was lost before I posted it... but anyway... Just keep an eye on them and look for a head (I don't want to say the p* word becasue that is gross). They are likely mosquito bites, no? Both my girls had 'heads' on them w/i 2 days so I'd think that those would by now, if it's been 5 days. But as always, if you are concerned or they get worse, go to your pedi. In no way am I an expert, I was just sharing my experience and a couple sources that I consider to be pretty credible. Don't get overly worried (0= Good Luck! I didn't want to freak anyone out


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