Thursday, August 10, 2006

September, 1995

This is for Leslie.

Obviously, I wasn't always as attractive as I am now,
but I was a lot skinnier back then (sigh).
I look like I am on drugs.
Maybe that's why I got in a car accident during my first driving test.


  1. you and I had almost the same hair-do, only mine was curly - check out today's entry (I didn't change my hair the three years of high school) - groovy long locks, that is for sure.

  2. I always forget they take your picture. When I was 16 I had just come from taking the AP history test... you can imagine how good I looked!
    For my Indiana license, my Mom was here, and I cam down the stairs fresh from a shower, no make-up, my hair in a ponytail. She reminded me they take your picture, so back upstairs I went. But I didn't have time to really do my hair, so I had to go curly. It is pretty funny!
    Your's both look good!

  3. In Indiana they took away our old licenses and shredded them--a suddle reminder that we were no longer Californians. Too bad, it'd be fun to keep the old ones. People at the Arizona DMV must be nicer.

  4. thanks steph; i needed a good reminder of how funny that picture was. elliott, suddle? did they take away your dictionary when they shredded your ca license? ;)

  5. that picture of it isn't actually that bad steph - i remember there being a lot more blue underneath your eyes in the real licence picture, just to make sure you get the whole druggie look down. :)

  6. yes, that day of your first driver's test is a day that i will never forget! the amazing thing is that they let you take another test two weeks later! mom


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