Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Skivvies

No, Mike and I are not crazy and we are not trying to potty train our 23 month old son (although, my oldest brother was potty trained when he was just 22 months, so apparently it CAN be done), we are just getting him used to the idea. He wore his "tractor" undies for a little while last night and loved them. Maybe we will try the "nemo" pair tomorrow.

I just love those legs.


  1. Good idea! Mia loves her little potty that I got after she became obsessed with taking off her diaper. She likes to sit on it and read:) PS--I love Mini Mike and Mini Steph!

  2. so very exciting - good luck!

  3. Sarah was talking the other day about just how particular her boys are about what is on their underroos. Too funny.


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