Friday, July 14, 2006

If Mike Ever Left Me

A while back, when Mike and I were still in the midst of couch shopping, we got into a very long conversation with a sales woman at the La-Z-Boy store. The conversation consisted mostly of why we were LDS, what our church believes, and how lucky I am to be a stay-at-home mom. She congratulated me on being able to stay home with my kids, but immediately followed her congratulations with a warning: "If he ever leaves you, you need something to fall back on."


Luckily, I know Mike will never leave me, but if I did need something to fall back on (like if he was no longer able to work), this is what I would hope to do:

**Before you look at the following pictures, please know that I am not saying that I am an awesome seamstress, by any means, but this is something I love to do and rarely get the chance to practice.**

Sorry, I know this one is really blurry, but our wedding photos turned out terribly, and this is my favorite one. Oh that I had a scanner!

Happy birthday, Abbie!
You looked so beautiful on your wedding day, but you look even more beautiful as a pregnant lady!


  1. Those are beautiful. I'm sorry about your wedding pictures not turning out, but I love the vintage and aged look of the one you posted! (= You made Abbie's too? They are beautiful! (oh yea, I already said that!)

  2. didn't mom teach us to sew at the same time? I seem to recall making the same tote bag, etc. as you, but somehow your ability has far surpassed mine. if only i could have been there on your wedding day to examine that gown more closely. it's SO pretty and so you!! not only could you sew to support yourself, but you do have that college degree, too. don't forget. :)

  3. i want to learn to sew, especially since the women in my family are seamstressed. but my experiences have been tragic so far. i like to drive the sewing machine like a car -- put the pedal to the metal if you know what i mean. it makes for fast sewing and horrible results. one day i'll be a seamstress extraordinaire like yourself!

  4. Wow, I look really bored in that picture.

  5. People say the darndest things, it's called tact!

  6. The photo of Abbie is the one that Leslie showed me forever ago when she was telling me all about your skills - amazing - I LOVE these dresses - sophistication, beauty, incredibly flattering - fabulous. So I'll line you up to make Chelsea's dress some 20 years from now, if you don't mind! :D
    Oh and about that lovely comment of the couch lady - ya, I had a simmilar conversation when I was teaching with a fellow teacher - he was ranting about how one of his relations and how her husband left her - I was trying my best to appear sympathetic, so when he asked me what I would do in the situation, I told him that the probability of Jay leaving me was VERY slim. He game me that look that screams, "poor young thing is so clueless - she's setting herself up for it" - I tried to explain that he had made a covenant with me, as well as with GOD, within the walls of a Holy Temple that he'd remain true for eternity, which probably mystified beyond all belief. We truely are a peculiar people, you know?

  7. love it steph. you seriously are amazing!


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