Monday, July 31, 2006


This is an almost daily occurrence at lunch time at our house. Yes, the obvious solution would be to give him lunch a little earlier and put him to bed before this happens, but for some reason we can't quite get our act together to make that happen. I think there is something about eating that is sleep inducing for this guy, anyway. Lately he is not a fan of naptime, but if chewing is involved, he slowly slips into a drowsiness that makes the transition from high chair to crib effortless.


  1. that is seriously so funny, steph. i saved that video you took of him "eaping" that one time. It was even on my computer after it crashed. It's sad, but cute. Poor little guy.

  2. That is so cute...

  3. my response was exactly what ginger said. That IS so cute!

  4. My kids have all done that. I think it is so funny to watch them try to keep their eyes open and keep chewing as they slowly drift off. Eaping is such a cute name for it!

  5. Eaping has only happened a couple times for us, the carseat eaping is great too.
    "I really treasure these moments, cause before you know it, they'll be awake again."
    -Frank Jr. on Friends


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