Friday, July 28, 2006

Bath Bliss

It started with new towels

and a soap dish that perfectly match my bedroom walls . . .

. . . add some paint, a new mirror, medicine cabinet, light fixture, rug, shower curtain, and a few hectic days, and I have a (semi) new bathroom.

I just couldn't bring myself to hang such lovely towels on my dingy "navajo white" bathroom walls. Something had to be done.

Our master bathroom is the smallest room in the house, and needs a major renovation (as in all new everything), but until that is in the budget, my mini redo will have to do.


  1. but are you brave enough to actually USE those gorgeous anthropologie towels? very pretty, you are so impressive. what did mike say when he got home yesterday? :)

  2. i was nervous, but yes, i did use those gorgeous towels today. they work very well.

  3. grammy7:18 PM

    yes, you have been very busy. It is a feel good thing though when it is all done. You are awesome!Love and Hugs

  4. I've missed your posts all week. Enjoy your bathroom. Mine is a little more childish; red & white striped shower curtain, black pirate rug, treasure map on the wall.

  5. steph, your design savvy rules. honestly - i'm hopelessly lost when it comes to design and even basic matching, so i stand in awe of your abilities! :) everything you do just looks so classy!

  6. ginger10:40 AM

    Sounds awesome Steph!


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