Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mad About Madeline

In an old house in Paris

that was covered with vines
lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.

In two straight lines they broke their bread
and brushed their teeth
and went to bed.

They smiled at the good
and frowned at the bad
and sometimes they were very sad.

They left the house at half past nine
in two straight lines in rain or shine--
the smallest one was Madeline.

This is quickly becoming the most requested book in our house. To borrow some words from Anna Quindlen, who wrote the introduction to this book, "Madeline charms because of rhyme and meter, vivid illustrations and engaging situations. But the Madeline books endure because they understand children and epitomize what they fear, what they desire, and what they hope to be in the person of one little girl. A risk taker. An adventurer. And at the end, a small child drifting off to sleep."


  1. so cute! we love madeline, too. we have a pop-up book of it and one where she goes to london and meets the queen. but the original is by far the best!

  2. Emily4:55 PM

    Enchanting. Now I must read them.

  3. a bunch of girls in my paris group bought madeline books in the original french while we were there - now i wish i had done it as well! i wonder if elliott has has them in french. . .

  4. Jooj- I think your friends wasted their money! Madeline books were originally written in english by an American (immigrant from Austria). They are good books, though.


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