Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

This may seem like the shallowest of blog entries, but you will have to forgive me. We are stuck at home (Oliver has been throwing up) and I happen to Love my house (that's right, love with a capital L). Here are a few of my favorite things about it.

our game closet-- because there is nothing more fun than game night

our family room walls-- because Mike and I did them ourselves

the rocking chair in the guest room-- because I got it for my 15th birthday

the fireplace screen-- because I got it at Target for 12 bucks

the table in our front hall-- because I refinished it, and I think it makes our front hall feel more like an actual front hall

our kitchen chandelier-- because it beats the original crystal one by about a mile

our old, but newly refinished piano (sorry, jooj!)-- because it is beautiful and someday my kids will know how to play it

our linen closet-- because it is organized and stuffed

the pictures on the wall in my bedroom--because they contain some of my favorite images (which include my childhood teddy bear, "nosey-nosey," photographs of beautiful cities from my beautiful and talented sister, Jooj, our infamous closed-eye passport photos, and silhouettes of the kids recently acquired at Disneyland)

this and the 7 other Beatrix Potter books that I swiped from my parents' house, framed, and hung in Oliver's nursery-- because they are cute

the walls in Mabel's room-- because they are pink and girly and classic


  1. what a nice little tour. i almost feel like i've been there now! is nosey in a shadowbox? how cute is that. his old pal teddy is in the "guy bucket" in Audrey's room. fun post!

  2. one day we, too, will have a game closet. that will be a big day for us! i'm totally jealous that you have a real grown-up home. then again, i guess we are grown-ups now. when did that happen?

  3. You recently acquired kids at Disneyland?

    Everything looks great cause it's all your/Mike's style. One of the great perks of home ownership.

  4. yes, we recently acquired two lovely children at disneyland. . . or just their lovely silhouettes.

  5. I Loved this post. I think I have even more games than you (in a much smaller closet though), but sadly they don't get played NEARLY enough and I don't have Apples to Apples yet. I also want Settlers of Catan really bad. You need to get Cranium (and anything my the makers of Cranium).

  6. love it steph - this post could be in a magazine for cool houses, i'm serious! glad to see the photos are going to good use! :)

  7. I don't think there is anything shallow about this blog... I am so glad you finally have a house that is all your own that you love!

    Where did you get the silhouettes done in Disneyland? I am way into those... I started a collection (well, one so far) of reproductions of those!

  8. GREAT idea, steph. loved every thing! the framed book is so clever. i want to frame my entire library now. i also love the walls in the family room and in mabel's room. are they easier to keep clean with all those little hands in your house?

  9. i think this has been one of my favorite blogs. i just can't seem to get enough of your very classic house.


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