Sunday, June 25, 2006

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Mike and I are terrible decision makers. When it comes to small day to day decisions like where to go for dinner, we are paralyzed. Big, life-changing decisions like where to raise our children come a little bit easier, thank goodness. It doesn't really make sense, but I am glad that's how it is. Well, after weeks of searching and agonizing, we finally bought a couch for our family room yesterday. I am relieved-- not because we actually found a deep, sink-y couch that we liked, but that we finally managed to make a decision.


  1. That isn't a little decision... a couch is so permanent.. at least for a few years.
    I am the same way... we are choosing tiles for the backsplash in our kitchen... I can't decide because it is so expensive and so permanent.
    I am glad you found a couch you love!

  2. grammy8:41 AM

    This is a big decision. In all of the years we have been married we have purchased 3 couches. They do last a long time!!!

  3. A couch is a medium decision, not small like where to go to dinner or what to order, but not large like where to live. Buying our couch about 2 or 3 years ago was a pretty major ordeal. We actually bought one couch and then exchanged it a couple days later. We are happy with our squichy, olive, high backed micofiber sofa and love seat. Well, Brandon still claims a lazy boy would have been better than a love seat actually.

  4. i will post pictures of our family room as soon as we actually get the couch-- at the end of the week. the before and after shots should be pretty drastic.


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