Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Last week my kids and I visited my parents in California. Poor Mike had to stay home and work. Here are some highlights:

*WARNING: The following post contains LOTS of pictures. This might not be that interesting unless you are actually related to these cute kids.

having fun at Disneyland with the cousins

checkups from Dr. Horn

the girls at the park

at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano
for more pictures of our day, click here

the newest cousin-- Max

Mabel's "pretend" birthday party, since her real birthday isn't until tomorrow
I can't believe she's going to be 4!

Oliver was reunited with "his" chair

missing Andrew, Ethan, and Emma


Audrey kept Mabel entertained by reading her about a million books.
Thanks Audrey!


eating the true breakfast of champions-- doughnuts


  1. i honestly don't understand how our family can make the cutest kids in the world. seriously - so stinkin' cute, makes me miss ya'all so much! man!

  2. Emily7:27 PM

    Oliver looks dapper in both his darling, I mean, manly chair AND in his cape.

  3. love the photos - I too am so sad we couldn't get together - some time soon, right? I love the photos of your cute kiddos in the coordinating outfits (do I sence a Brama's influence? :D) - the cutest clothes! I'm glad to be back, too - I kinda miss blogging, you know?

  4. grammy11:44 AM

    Tooooo CUTE! How blessed are we to have the cutest kids in the world.


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