Friday, May 19, 2006

Yard Work is Hard Work

Mike had the day off today, so he got to mow the lawn and do yard work. Before we moved into this house, I was really looking forward to having a big yard. I am beginning to realize that it takes a lot of work. Not only do we need to maintain our yard, there is also much that needs to be changed, improved, and replanted. It is hard to be motivated when it is 103 outside and we don't have a sprinkler system. Someday it will be beautiful! We have grand plans.


  1. Believe me Steph, I totally hear you on this one. I didn't realize how much we would have to do ourselves... I think it will be a never ending process. But I am really enjoying the results. I planted a bed of flowers yesterday, and plan to finish another today. I love looking off my deck and seeing the beauty I created (with Elliott and Heavenly Father's help, of course!)
    Good luck with everything. Maybe you will be like me... In winter I do household updating... in summer, gardening (you will have to reverse the schedule!)

  2. I know what you mean, in looking for a house to rent I really wanted grass for the kids, now I am wondering if that was a mistake. You don't even get the winter off. Anyway, if you do as well as you guys did on the inside of the house it will be fantastic!


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