Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Shadows

This evening, we were all upstairs in the kitchen. I thought I could sneak away to the basement to check my email and leave the kids with Mike for a minute. No sooner had I sat down at the desk that Mabel entered the room, close on my heels.

Me: Mabel, you don't always have to follow me. Sometimes we can be by ourselves.
Mabel: But I love you.
Me: I know, I love you, too.
Oliver: (still upstairs in the kitchen) MAMA!! MAMA!!

Can't I ever get five minutes peace? I don't remember that last time I did anything alone.


  1. I find it the most irritating when I can't even seem to go to the bathroom alone.

  2. ya, I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes when I am completely desperate for time to myself, I take the trash out - and even then, I have two little shaddows watching me from our appartment window. I have simmilar experiences when I want to have alone time on the computer - the kids will seemingly be just fine playing by themselves so I'll sneak away and before I even sit down, someone's little mommy honing device has alarmed them that I am going something purely for myself and find me they will. You have to have Leslie post the saying on a magnet I sent her when she lived in LA because it is SOOOO how I feel sometimes - Leslie, it's the one where the mom and kids are in the front yard - Steph, you're gonna die it is so perfect.....

  3. Mom says No, you can't be alone. They grow up soon enough!

  4. oh, I'll put that on my blog. It's a good one. My advice, tell Mike to occupy them! He's alone all day, he could use some little people hanging on him for 10 minutes. :)

  5. grammy8:36 AM

    It is hard I know and sometimes you want to alone but that is part of being a mommie. They do grow up fast and then you wonder where the time went and you wish you had more time with them. Be patient and hang in there this to in time will pass and all to quickly. You are so doing such an awesome job of being a good mommie and loving wife plus all of the other great things you do.
    I love you
    Hugs and kisses

  6. I recently made a trip to Lowes and bought new door handles for our master bedroom and bathroom door because of all the doors in the house... these are the two that will no longer lock! Could it be because the family that lived here before had 4 children... and I have two... who are also forever in my shadow and those two doors have been repeatedly tried to be opened? (that seems like backwards english... but anyway) I have resorted to bathing in the bathroom where the door locks with my book! Somedays I think I could stay there and never get out.

  7. i know what you mean.

  8. Hi Stephanie...I thought you would appreciate this!


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