Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ironically, all I wanted for Mother's Day was to be left alone. I wanted to be by myself. I wanted a day off from being a mother. That is exactly what my wonderful husband gave me. I slept in (even though my body is no longer capable of really sleeping in-- I woke up before 7. but I did get to read a book in bed while he and the kids went out to get doughnuts.) Then he sent me to Target with a gift card and told me not to worry about the kids (he knows me so well!). It was a heavenly morning.

The funny thing is, as soon as they left me alone this morning, I missed them. They are my life, and without them, I feel a little bit lost. I think it is pretty common these days to hear that mothers shouldn't lose themselves in their kids-- that they should focus on their own needs first. I think that goes against everything that motherhood stands for! Of course moms have needs, and yes, every once in a while they need a break, but for the most part being a mom means that your kids are your life.

What an amazing blessing that is! It gives me such a better appreciation for my Father in Heaven, for the plan of salvation, and for my own parents. Raising little spirits is the most important job, and I can't believe how blessed I am to have been entrusted with two very precious little people. So even though I have two little shadows who follow me around all day, I would be nothing without them. I am so grateful to be a mother.


  1. that's beautiful steph!

  2. amen to all you said - hurrah for being a young mother of cutie kids - I love Mabel's little look and Oliver looks so kissable with his little smile!

  3. I read another blog that has some former church members on it, and occasionally they talk about how all a woman in the church is, is a womb... I couldn't agree less. Believe me, I have plenty of moments when I need my space too, but the joys of motherhood far outweigh the negatives. People can never believe that Elliott and I go on all these vacations with our kids instead of by ourselves... but we love it, because they bring us such joy. Life with just us used to be a little boring sometimes! In fact, I am kind of at a point in my life where I don't like the thought of going places by myself, becasue I am so used to having a little one with me.

  4. if that oliver is not the cutest lil guy...stephanie stop making me cry on all your blog posts, sheesh!

    and i am serious

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

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