Thursday, March 23, 2006

Play Group

Yesterday at the park, we met some friends. Today we went to their play group. Mabel has been dying to play with other kids since we moved here. Even though she was the oldest kid in the group by almost 2 years, she had a lot of fun. It was nice for me, too. It made me realize how great our church is. Beside having the truthfulness of the gospel (which is amazing, of course), we have the wonderful social organization of the church as well. These nice LDS girls (who are not in my ward, but only live a few blocks away) so graciously allowed me into their circle, fed my children lunch, and didn't even mind that I was a stranger. It didn't matter because we all share a faith and a sisterhood. Ever since I have been old enough to attend Relief Society, I have had such a testimony of its organization. I know that it is divine. I love that I can move to a new state, where I don't know anyone, and walk into a group of Relief Society sisters and immediately feel like I belong. I am so grateful for the Gospel, for the lessons it teaches me, for the purpose it gives my life, and for the friendships it provides.


  1. well said! i cant wait until i can leave the house and interact with the girls out here in queen creek. one came to my house to meet me and invite me to hang out with them. my baby cant even play yet but i think the play groups are more for the moms anyway, right?

  2. Hooray for Playgroup. We had ours today and always invite new friends, most of them non-members. Who knows? Maybe they'll be interested.


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