Sunday, March 26, 2006


After seeing my sisters' blogs this evening, I thought I should follow their example with an homage to our dad on his birthday. (You can see my sisters' blogs here and here.) Sadly, these are the only two good pictures of my dad that I could find to post. Now that we don't live around the corner, I will have to be more inspired to photograph his visits.

My dad is the best dad in the whole world. He amazes me everyday. I have no idea how he manages to do everything he does and still have time to check our blogs, straighten out our bank accounts (thanks!), and do the hundreds of other things he does on a daily basis just for his kids and grandkids. He is the most selfless person I know. He is kind, generous, and extremely patient. He is optimistic, funny, and strong. I grew up thinking he could do anything. I still think that. He is tender and loving, and I can't possibly imagine where I would be without him.

Thanks for everything, Dad. I love you!


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