Friday, March 31, 2006

Daddy Daughter Date

Mabel and Mike were in serious need of some bonding time, so last night they went out. They were going to go to the Disney Princesses on Ice, but when given the choice, Mabel wanted to go to the toy store instead. I guess she had fun picking out a toy. It was down to a pink jump rope or a princess wedding castle set. She went with the castle. After the toy store, they went to the temple to watch the Easter Pageant rehearsals. Mabel loved it! It just goes to show that we don't need to spend lots of money on our kids. She was happier with the cheap little toy and the free entertainment than she would have been with the expensive ice skating tickets. Mostly I think she just liked being with her dad. She wouldn't let him go when we saw him for lunch today.


  1. too cute. mabel's hair looks blonder since the move! :)

  2. grammy9:29 AM

    Steph you are so right. It is the time not the cost of entertainment that is important. She loves her daddy!


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