Saturday, March 18, 2006

Camping: The Conclusion

This is the 9 person, two room "cabin" tent that Mike's parents gave us for Christmas. It is huge. Mabel thought it was pretty neat to have a tent. Every so often she would say something like, "I need to go get something out of the tent." Really, she didn't need anything from the tent, she just thought it was cool. We slept in the tent the first night and nearly froze to death. It was miserable. After that, we moved into the "truck house" as Mabel liked to call it. We were much cozier in there with Nana, Grampa, and Cathy.

Every morning at low tide, we would go look for sea shells for Mabel's new room (it is going to have a subtle sea shell theme). Mabel could have done this for hours. When she found a shell, she would scoop it up with her shovel (along with a shovel-full of sand) and put it in her bucket. We found some amazing shells.

The mornings were pretty cold. We were right on the beach, so we definitely got cold ocean breezes. Oliver only wanted to be outside, even if it was freezing. Whenever anyone mentioned the word "outside" or was leaving the truck house, he would beg until they picked him up and took him with them. Then he would pat their back, so excited to be going outside again.

Luckily, it warmed up in the afternoon and we were able to enjoy the beach (with lots of sunscreen, of course). Mabel liked being turned into a mermaid, and Oliver just liked being outside.

I have to say that camping on the beach in Mexico was a lot fun. It helped to have an RV to sleep and eat in, but we will definitely be going again next year (unless we have a new baby, or something).

On a very sad note, we returned home Thursday evening to find that my beautiful bike had been stolen. We filed a police report, but I am sure that I will never see my beloved Clancy Cruiser again.


  1. Thanks for the pics. It looked like fun, no really! The kids must have the times of their lives. So sorry to hear about the bike. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Mom just said that we would get a taxi to the hotel and call you when we are in. Love you - Dad.

  2. Bummer about the bike. Check Craig's List and eBay. It might turn up for sale!

  3. glad to hear that camping treated you well, for the most part. I, too, would much rather stay in a "truck house" than a tent any day...cut photos, too - love the sunny beach ones - they are such cuties!

  4. So sorry about your bike! Why do people do things like that?? I am glad you had fun on your trip. Your kids are so cute!

  5. Sorry about your bike! But I am glad you had fun camping! Mabel looks adorable as a mermaid.


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