Friday, February 24, 2006


Mabel has been wearing her new "dress with pockets" ever since we bought it about 4 days ago. It is size 4, so it is a bit long, but that's the way she likes it. Every morning when we take off her cherished princess nightgown to put on this new dress, she asks me if it is still long. I think she is afraid that she might wake up one morning to find that she has grown and the dress no longer reaches mid-calf. She loves the fact that it has pockets. She likes to keep money or necklaces or candy in them and then distribute these treats to those she loves. The other night it was my turn to get a treat from her pocket. She said, "Sorry, all I have left is money." I said I would take it.


  1. grammy8:16 PM

    Little girl's and boys love pockets. Do you remember when you were little tht you liked pockets? I even remember my favorite dress that had pockets!

  2. Lol. Can I have a treat too?

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  4. When I was Mabel's age I liked pockets so much that I tried to cut one into one of my favorite dresses. I don't think my mom was very impressed.


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