Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Desert

As further proof that I actually live in the desert, I present the following pictures taken around my new town:

The first group includes examples of the humongous cacti that can be found in many front yards.

(notice the old timey wagon in this one)

The next group is one of my favorite landscaping features here: the dry rock riverbed that winds through areas of other kinds of rock in the yard.

This final group consists of plain old "desert landscape." I know that it is affordable, easy to care for, and saves loads of water, but seriously, does this really count as landscaping?

We went to the mall today, and even the kids' play area was desert-themed. Mabel and Oliver loved it.
Here, Oliver is standing on the scorpion thing. I am scared to death of scorpions and I am already dreading the day I find one in our new house. I guess they are really common in these parts. The people we bought our house from told me that I will mostly see them on the ceiling. Yikes!
There you have it. It is February and 80 degrees outside. I definitely live in the desert.


  1. If you don't like desert landscaping, be thankful you don't live in Tucson. EVERYONE has desert landscaping - I think there's some law requiring it (seriously). Besides, if you had grass, you would be stoned by your water-conserving neighbors. Jake & I are making the most of our desert surroundings. We just got 2 prickly pear cacti for our yard yesterday. (see picture) http://www.esc.nsw.gov.au/Weeds/Images/shrubs/Opuntia%20stricta2.jpg

  2. The funny part is that I never thought I lived in a desert growing up. I'd say, "Yeah, it used to be a desert, but now it looks like anywhere else." Until I came back from my first semester at BYU and realized, by george, that all those cactus are actually unique to the desert. I thought everyone was into them. But I'll never get used to the rock riverbeds and the like. And people who just have entirely gravel yards are just lazy ... not into desert landscape.

    P.S. It is so weird to me that you now live where I grew up. Why couldn't you have moved last year??

  3. no, that does not count as landscaping! Audrey says, "but people don't live in the desert!" Mabel does! :)

  4. grammy11:31 AM

    Know it is hard to get used to-the landscaping of course-but there are positives. Water bill less, weed pulling less no lawn to mow,just lots of rock! The picture of Oliver with his tongue out is sooooo cute!

  5. We've got all sorts of scorpion experience since we've moved to a house with a wash behind it. Buy a blacklight and make your husband hunt the fence around your house every night and kill the scorpions he finds. They glow yellow in the blacklight and don't run away.

    We found scorpions in the house (kitchen, bathroom, and garage), but that stopped as soon as I became dilligent in my scorpion hunting.

  6. ginger2:19 PM

    Scorpions on the ceilings? Yikes! That sounds like a good place for Andrew or Neal, but not for you and sweet little Mabel!
    Hmmm, I think the boys and I may have to take a road trip next winter, when we are in the middle of freezing cold temps!

  7. Anonymous7:06 AM

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