Friday, December 12, 2014

happy weekend

Is it Christmas break yet? I really want it to be Christmas break. For several reasons. One, I am tired. Tired of waking up before 6 am to get kids ready for school. I want to sleep at least until the sun is up, please. Second, our beautiful and fragrant and fully decorated Christmas tree is already starting to shrivel. It stopped drinking water as soon as we brought it home. Aack! I don't think it's going to last two more weeks, I really don't. But what can you do?

Mostly I'm ready to hunker down at home with my little family and not go anywhere. School is totally cramping our style right now. We have movies to watch and cookies to bake and really fantastic weather to enjoy.

I guess I'll just have to settle for the weekends for now. Have a good one!

p.s. The navels are ripe!


  1. Those oranges look wonderful. Obviously, there's nothing like that here in Illinois growing right now, lol, since everything is dead for the winter. I'm with you on Christmas break! I used to LOVE when my daughter was younger and she had the 2 weeks off. I'm such a stressor during school time, always nagging about homework, always worrying about something. That hasn't ended now that she's in college and I know she and I will both be glad when her final today is done because then she's off until mid-January and that will be a relief. Lucky for me, I work at a University, where we close for the holiday period, so I have basically 4 more days of work and then I'm off until January 5th. I share your joy! : )

  2. Just one more week! I'm feeling the same way!
    Our tree last year dried up within a week of bringing it home. I seriously thought it would catch on fire if we turned the lights on. I was vacuuming up pine needles forever after we took it out. :)


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