Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Heavenly Peace

This past weekend was Mabel's Christmas concert, Heavenly Peace. She sings with the East Valley Millennial Choir and Orchestra in their Youth Chorus. Participation in the choir is time consuming and strict and demanding. But she loves it, and I feel really lucky that she is able to experience it. The conductor expects perfection from these kids and he gets it. Their concerts blow me away every time. There is nothing like hearing a group of 500 or so singers plus a full orchestra fill a hall with the Christmas spirit. I think I had goose bumps almost the entire time. If you happen to live in Orange County, California or Dallas, Texas or Utah Valley or here in the East Valley of Arizona, find the Millennial Choir and Orchestra concerts (the next one will be in April). Or, if you are able, participate. Mabel is taking this next semester off, but she is already looking forward to starting up again in the fall.


  1. I loved being in choir and all the years that my daughter was in various school bands. I always get chills; it's so wonderful. Glad your daughter has the blessed opportunity to participate! : ) (Cute photo)

  2. We went to the Friday night concert; my in-laws are in the choir too. It was incredible. Good job, Mabel!


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