Wednesday, January 08, 2014

January days

Lately, when the kids get home from school, they head right to the backyard to play baseball. Oliver got rubber bases for Christmas and it has made all the difference, I think. I can hear their laughs as I lay on the couch with my book. (I always lay on the couch with a book in the afternoons. It's my way of gearing up for the dinner/homework/bath/bedtime rush.) These are easy days, when the sun is bright and warm, and the shade nice and cool, when my children want to be together.

Another thing, I've been listening to Ryan Tanner's album on repeat. It is beautiful and slow, and seems to be my soundtrack right now. You can download it for a steal here.

What do your January days look like? If there is snow involved, I'm sorry. Come visit.


  1. what a great way to spend an afternoon! Hugs

  2. I listened to Ryan Tanner's music and loved it. Thanks for recommending!

  3. thank you for this- just listened and bought. :) this is just what I needed to get my mind off all the sickness around me. :)


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