Friday, January 10, 2014

If you need us, we'll be napping.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather since Tuesday. Elliot and Stella joined me independently last night, announcing their various symptoms in the dark of my bedside. So this weekend will most likely involve lots of the above, which sounds awfully nice at the moment.

Luckily Mike, who has been away all week on business, is back in town. I'm so glad he's home. I can go to bed at a reasonable hour again. Do you do that when your husband is away, too? I putter around the house or on the internet til the wee hours of the morning, when I can finally fall into bed, too exhausted to notice that he's gone. It's a good thing he isn't gone often.

What are your plans this weekend? I wish you and your family good health, wherever you are.


  1. I hope you all feel better soon! When my husband is away I do the same exact thing.

  2. that's funny! I do the same thing.... :)

  3. Hope you all feel better soon! When my husband goes out of town, I might stay up for an hour after putting the kids to bed, but generally I go right to bed. I stay up too late with him when he's around.

  4. toni's away for a whole month! booooo.... i'm realising how much housework he does - like, crap! dishes! wha? i have to do them? where's my husband? :) but i totlaly sleep worse - stay up too late and don't read as much. sheeesh life is just so much better together.


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