Friday, August 10, 2012

ordinary things

I love blogging because it makes me pick up my camera and take note of ordinary things.

 The pretty evening light that pours into the front of the house.
And Elliot's 15th outfit change of the day.

Blogging freezes time.
It keeps moments like this from escaping my terribly short memory. 

Thank you for reading, and have a happy weekend!


  1. We miss that cute boy! Did you repaint his room?

  2. great wawy to keep memories of little things we soon forget!

  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Coming out of lurkdom to let you know I love your blog :) I can't even remember how I came across it, but it brings happiness to my day. Thank you :)

    1. i don't know how you found it, either, but i'm glad you did. thank you for your nice comment!

  4. Such darling pictures and sentiment. Reading your posts puts a smile on my face every time.


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