Thursday, August 09, 2012

end of summer instas

I guess technically summer isn't over. But now that school has started, we are back to our old routine. I'm going to miss our lazy summer days. No more slow mornings spent on the kitchen floor watching the german pancakes puff in the oven with an Elliot on my lap. Back to frantic regular pancake flipping and lunch packing and homework doing.

All summer long, Mike and I have been running. Running is so hard! Especially in this heat. My face turns magenta and stays that way for the longest time. But as much as I hate it, I really like it, too. Especially with Mike as my partner. Turkey Trot here I come! Maybe.

Our back to school prep included: an eye exam and new glasses for Mabel, family school supply shopping at Staples, and not much else, luckily.

Here's to a new school year! Hopefully it cools off soon!


  1. my face turns the same shade :( and takes hours to get back to normal. All worth it though, right! And way to go!

  2. my face gets red, too -- all through my ballet years, my red face would stand out.

  3. This summer my husband and I took tennis lessons face got redder than anyone's kind of embarrassing....but so was learning to play tennis in a crowd. Running in the fall is much easier...I've been on a 4 week running hiatus because of the hot weather we've been having.


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