Wednesday, August 08, 2012

back to it

Well, they're off.

I can hardly believe it, but school started today. I think we could have all used a few more weeks of summer. Poor Mabel had her eyes dilated yesterday at the optometrist. It was supposed to wear off by this morning, but it didn't quite all the way. Luckily, there's a heat advisory in effect so they probably won't be going out to recess in the scorching bright sun. (113 today! Yuck.)

I decided our family needed a theme this year. After lots of thought, I chose "I can be courageous". Because it takes courage to try new things, and to meet new friends, and to stand up for the right. It's something I hope we'll work on all year. Do you have a family theme? Do you choose a new one each school year?

Now it's just me and these two monkeys. Oh dear.


  1. you are so great-picking a theme for the year and such a good one. Love you and all of your "monkeys"

  2. So cute...we are so ready here to start, but have a couple more weeks for the younger kids, who are now majorly getting on each other's nerves! Love your theme.

  3. oops, I see the answer to my email question!
    Henry is sitting on my lap and missing his cousin!
    I hope their first day went well.


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