Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Angels, Cowboy Boots, and the Zoo

(This might be my new favorite picture of Oliver.)

We took advantage of the nice weather today (a high of only 88!) and headed to the zoo.
I figured that if Stacie could do it with her brand new twins, her two other children, and a neighbor kid, then I didn't have an excuse.

It was fun.

Mabel and Oliver didn't even consult each other when they were getting dressed this morning (I mean last night- they love to sleep in their clothes. It's super exciting, I guess.), but both ended up in their Angels shirts and cowboy boots.

Stella was mostly like this:

It's alternate use #5 for my new favorite blanket.
It kept the sun off her juicy thighs without trapping all the hot air.

Have you entered the give-away yet?
I will be randomly picking the winner first thing tomorrow morning.
So hurry and comment here.


  1. It was only 88? WOW!
    I don't know that I have ever ventured out to the zoo alone with my kids, I know I haven't.
    Good for you. We had a year pass and used it once. I am so bad.

  2. Oliver is a serious hunk!

    We are going to the zoo tomorrow... I love my membership there!

  3. Gotta love an 88 degree day... especially in June and in AZ! I love Miss Stella's little toesies sticking out from the blanket! So cute!

    P.S. Does Mike's company clean grout and tile too? We're looking for someone to do the whole she-bang.
    Just in case he does, my email is chell8 at gmail dot com. I forgot his website otherwise, I'd just call :)

  4. zoos and steph don't normally mix, so you are obviously taking one for the kids on the zoo trip. way to go! :)

    'member when we used to sleep in our clothes and surprise mom in the morning? we thought we were so funny.

  5. guggle will love that they wear angel shirts. your zoo is so great and so close! mom and dad

  6. I can't get over that pic of Oliver. I want to make a T-shirt with that photo. Classic.

  7. what a cute picture of your two big kids! and i love that blanket.


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