Friday, June 06, 2008

And the winner is. . .



It was fun to see who reads my blog, so thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting.

Have a great weekend!

(Jessi, don't forget to send your address to


  1. Are you kidding? Did I really WIN?! I'm in shock. (The totally excited, giddy kind of shock.) Thank you so, so much!!

  2. i would have entered, but i only breed boys. if you do a neato boy blanket, i'm totally in.

  3. What! I missed a giveaway, why didn't I see this? I'm so sad.

  4. Holy Cow! You got 39 comments!!! That's a record. And even though I didn't comment on that post I do love to read your blog! :)

  5. Ditto to Josie and Lyndsay - I only breed boys so I didn't enter and I also love to read your blog, but I rarely comment. I LOVE it though!

    I am glad Jessi won. She's my sisiter.

  6. i'm glad jessi won, too, because seriously, FIVE girls!!?? that's so awesome. hooray for jessi!


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