Monday, November 07, 2016

opportunities and answered prayers

When we were trying to decide if Mike would attend BYU or ASU for his MBA program, one of the biggest deterrents to moving was leaving the schooling opportunities for our children here in Arizona. I am sure there are great opportunities in Utah, too, but I loved the path my kids were on here and I was hesitant to change it. As I dropped Mabel off early this morning at her high school, I remembered how grateful I am that she gets to attend the school and program that she does. It was a difficult decision to send her there instead of our neighborhood high school, a decision that required lots of prayer (and some fasting). Ultimately, Mike, Mabel, and I all felt really good about it, and I am so grateful. Personal revelation is a gift from Heavenly Father, one that I rely on daily. Being able to pray to Him, and then receive answers to my prayers through the prompting of the spirit is miraculous and wonderful and something I hope I never take for granted.

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