Friday, September 16, 2016

happy weekend

Our low was 66 last night! I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with the windows open this morning! Ah! There is a light at the end of this very long, very hot tunnel. This change of seasons is my most favorite time of year. I feel like a different person, like I am coming out of a sweaty little cocoon and now I can wear real clothes again. Never mind that the high is still going to be over 100. The cooler nights make all the difference.

Two things that helped me this week: getting back into my weekly temple routine and being a little bit crafty. Going to the temple requires me to quiet my mind. It teaches me to be patient and helps me put my life into perspective. My goal is always to bring that peaceful feeling home with me, and then to spread it to my family. I want my children to recognize the special feeling in the temple when they are old enough to go. Attending weekly helps me make it a habit, and that makes me really happy.

I went to our local discount fabric store and raided their doily and lace section to make a bunting for my kitchen. I hardly ever craft, but it was a nice relief from my other duties as a homemaker this week.

And now, the weekend! Hooray! I hope you have a good one.


  1. Pictures of bunting please.

  2. I went for my jog this morning and could totally feel a bit of fall in the air. Even if it was only in the shade. 😆 It is so wonderful!

  3. I know you love pumpkin and so do I! I am looking for a good pumpkin pancake recipe. Have you posted one and I missed it?


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