Wednesday, July 06, 2016

summer in Sundance, part one

We spent last week at my parent's house in beautiful Sundance, Utah, where I learned that one week is not long enough in that place! I was homesick for it the minute we left. Luckily, I took a ton of pictures.

My sister, Leslie, and her family were there with us. We gathered the cousins for our traditional cousin bench photo outside the Foundry Grill. Too bad we are missing the other 13.5!

Just up the road from my parents' house is a beautiful stretch of manicured lawn. We borrowed it one perfect evening for some frisbee.

Every summer, I try to snap a photo of Stella snuggling my dad. It's never difficult to do. :)

This walk through the ferns leads to the Sundance stables (and then to lots of paths through the mountains). This night, we stopped to feed the horses some carrots.

Stella and Elliot braved a lift ride with my mom.

And a trip to Sundance in the summer is never complete without a dip in my mom's friends' pool. She lives in Provo Canyon, high up and away from the world.

And to the boys' delight, she just finished installing a real live baseball field on her property. It was so fun. But I mean, that view!

more to come . . .

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