Friday, July 31, 2015

happy weekend

I think I officially reached my limit this week. I am ready for school to start. I'm ready for everyone to be busy, and to have more purpose to their day, you know? No more putzing around on the computer or begging to watch a show. I'm done. Everyone out.

For the first time, all of my kids will be in school everyday. I want to use that time wisely, so I started working on a schedule for myself. Elliot will only be in half day kindergarten, so I won't have all day to fill, but I am going to make the most of those 3 hours, darn it!

How is your summer coming along? Have you hit the wall, too?

In other news, our pantry is finally rat free and it feels great. I hosed it down with bleach and started putting everything back, mostly in glass containers. Because having a rat live in my pantry is something I never want to repeat. It was the old fashioned snap trap with peanut butter that finally did the trick.

We have grand plans to hit up the skating rink this afternoon, then hopefully dinner out for me and Mike. He's been so busy this week at work and church that I feel like I've hardly seen him.

Have a good one, friends!


  1. Yes! I have hit the wall too. The summer was fun for a while, but the kids are bored and we are all ready for more structure around here. My youngest is also starting kindergarten. They go back on the 18th :) I'm sad she is going, but I will have another little one to care for very soon. The week school starts I'll be 37 weeks along, so either I'll have 3 weeks all to myself, or she could come earlier. We will see :)

  2. School can't come fast enough! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. And that my kids aren't the only ones acting the way they are acting! Good luck with the last few days!
    And congrats on catching the rat. Eew!

  3. Your pantry is what dreams are made of. I love the glass canisters but I admit that I think the best part is your collection of white cake plates. :)
    Also, thank you for your honesty about Summer. I think once August rolls around everyone is ready for school to begin!

  4. your pantry is beautiful!!! wow! ditto on the looking forward to back to school.....we love summer around here, but there comes a time when you crave a schedule again :)

  5. Your pantry is beautifully organized.

    Just a word of warning from my personal experience: I thought I would have oodles of time to get stuff done once my youngest was in kindergarten, but it just didn't happen. Half day isn't really that long- by the time I got started on something, it was time to pick them up. And someone always seemed to be home sick. My dreams of a checked off to do list has had to wait. I have to say though that a couple hours of quiet really helped my mood!

  6. Your pantry is beautiful! I will have to do a bit of a deep cleaning of the whole house when the kids get back to school.


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