Friday, February 06, 2015

happy weekend

I took Elliot in for his Kindergarten check up this week. I think his least favorite part was having to take his clothes off. Good news is that he's healthy as can be. He's all set for the start of school in August. I am so happy that our neighborhood elementary will start offering half day kindergarten again. I know August is months and months away, but I still can't stand the idea of him going to school all day every day. Half day will ease us both into it, I think.

This weekend Stella is hoping to craft her valentines. Oliver is probably looking forward to staying in his pjs all day. I am sure Mabel is planning on spending time with friends. I would like to make some headway on a big sewing project I'm working on. Mike is most likely scheming up some family weed-pulling and citrus picking. And I don't think Elliot can tell the difference between the weekdays and the weekend yet, so I have a feeling that he'll be happy with anything.

What are you hoping for?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. this picture is my favourite, seriously! he's the cutest. i love your weekend plans. this has been the first week since we moved to germany where toni has been away working everyday and ben and i are on our own at home. (now that i finished the thesis we don't split the days anymore!) so i'm excited to have toni home again with us. i was so spoiled before.

  2. I just love this! With families today being so overscheduled, just to have an easy weekend at home is good for the soul. With my 4 kids, the only thing we have this weekend is a 5 pm soccer game for one child. The rest of the time- ride bikes, make valentines, read books, it is going to be wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


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