Friday, January 09, 2015

happy weekend

Every other week or so, Stella decides that she's too sick to go to school for some vague reason or another. On Tuesday, her throat was dry. She was worried that she would give her germs to the other kids in her class, and I couldn't argue with that, so of course I let her stay home, which meant that she got to come with me to my hair appointment. My roots wait for no one!

I'm hoping that all of the motivation I seem to have left in 2014 decides to show up this weekend. We have things to do and no desire to do them. Or maybe we should just go with it and take it easy? I never know if I should push through these feelings or let them be. I'll keep you posted.

Stay warm wherever you are! Happy weekend!


  1. I know what you mean! Christmas break must have wiped me out or something. We sat low this week because of colds and I kept having to remind myself that it was okay to take it easy. I do find that going out for a brisk walk in the sunshine helps me feel all sorts of motivation to get things done.
    Stella's so cute sitting there looking at that magazine! One of my favorite things to do when I was a little girl was to go with my mom to get her hair cut.

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