Friday, November 07, 2014

Sunday in New York

Sunday was so good. It was a perfect, crisp, autumn-in-New York kind of day. We spent the morning walking around Central Park.

We exited the park on the Upper West Side, and explored a bit until it was time for church. Going to church on vacation has become one of my favorite things to do. I don't know if it is because I am out of my usual routine, and away from my own ward members whom I know so well, so my distractions are fewer, but I always come away from my meetings full to the brim with good feelings and spiritual revelation. It is easy to go to church at home every sunday because I am in the habit of going to church. But maybe it is because I am choosing to go to church, when I otherwise might not have to, that makes the difference. This Sunday was wonderful. The things I heard and felt at the Manhattan 1st Ward have stuck with me ever since. I am still mulling them around in my head and hope to share some thoughts here soon.

I decided that I could live on the Upper West Side, too. No problem.

We switched hotels this day, and our new ritzy room had a fantastic view. It was nice to watch the sun set on the city.


  1. I love "traveling" with you. All your adventures are so fun to read about!

  2. I just think New York wards are especially awesome. I loved mine when I was there! Every sunday was rad.

  3. and p.s. these posts are killing me - i so hope toni and me can make it work in NYC next year... GAH it just kills me to think we could potentially move there!!


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