Monday, January 13, 2014


I've always been skeptical of health foods masquerading as treats. Usually, if a recipe claims to be healthy, I skip it. If I want to eat a treat, I want the real deal, butter and sugar and all, you know? But I am trying hard to eat less white flour and sugar these days. (Which is as beneficial as it is difficult; meaning, very.) So on a whim, I tried these "cookies". They don't have any sugar or flour in them, if you can believe it. And they satisfied my sweet tooth without a doubt. My kids loved them, too. I'd make them again in a heartbeat!

A note: I only had sweetened coconut on hand, as well as semi-sweet chocolate chips, both of which added sugar, I know. I am interested to try them again with the non-sweetened versions and see if it makes a terribly large difference.

I've had great luck with Sheena's recipes. Her whole wheat waffles are in heavy rotation at our house right now. I've tried lots of her other recipes also, and I have loved them all. I love her entire approach to food and exercise, actually. And her hair. I love that, too. You can find all of her recipes here.


  1. baking healthy is such a double edged sword! more expensive, and a high learning curve. I gave up for awhile, maybe these will get me motivated again : )

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Thanks for the link - excited to try! And I love your "Not rushing bedtime post." Perfect. Thank you.

  3. Sound fabulous! Might just have to give them a try! Popping over from the UK.Claire x

  4. stephanie! you are so nice! thank you:) Glad you liked them--they are one of our favorite snacks over here.


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