Sunday, November 17, 2013

for Mabel

Mabel played the piano in Sacrament Meeting today (in front of hundreds of people!), with only a few days to learn the music*.  Oh, she did such a good job! She was nervous, but her hands were calm and steady and she played beautifully. I am so proud of her.

I am thankful for this brave, compassionate girl. She is reliable and level headed and very artistic. She has a better sense of self than I ever did at age 11. Being her mother is a complete privilege.

p.s. Mabel will be participating in the East Valley Millennial Choir and Orchestra concert in December. If you are local, I hope you will consider coming. It is a wonderful, powerful way to kick off the Christmas Season. Tickets are on sale now!

*Special thanks to our fantastic piano teacher, Sara. She arranged the music for Mabel to play and I am sure that was key to Mabel's success. We are grateful for her.


  1. Of course Mabel would do a good job because that is the way Mabel does things. Love her outfit. Did you make her skirt?

  2. Yay for Mabel and the piano! So proud of her. And the skirt turned out so cute! I love the ruffle.

  3. good for her. she is such a pretty girl. love her skirt.


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