Wednesday, November 14, 2012

those who came before

My older brother and sister have been interested in researching our family history for years. They have added names and stories and pictures to our family tree, and I am so grateful for their efforts. Lately Mike has caught the bug, too. Late into the night, he will sit at the computer, searching for names and dates. But these are not just names and dates. These are people. Our people. I may not know them, but they are part of me. They are men who brought their families across oceans and continents searching for a better life, women who bore a dozen children to see only half of them survive to adulthood. They were strong and determined and full of so much faith, and I am here because of their efforts. I am grateful for them, and for the encouragement from our church leaders to find them.

Start your own search here.

You can find out why Mormons are so interested in Family History work here.

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