Thursday, November 15, 2012

a clean house

I spent all morning and a good portion of this afternoon cleaning. My parents are coming to visit tonight (hooray!) and there is nothing like impending house guests to spur the cleaning on and on (and on). Today I am thankful for a fresh, clean house, and for a body that is capable of cleaning it.


  1. what is the color on the walls? love that creamy soft green!!

    1. oh gosh, it's been so long i'm afraid i don't remember! sorry, heather. it is a bit brighter in real life, i have to admit.

  2. That is always a good excuse to clean.

  3. Love the picture.Everything looks so cozy! I had the same thing happen, guests on the way and a house that needed to be cleaned. This year I just couldn't pull it off myself, so I had to hire a green cleaning service to help me out. I admit, it was wonderful :P


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