Wednesday, November 28, 2012

phone chats

Leslie and me, 1981

Leslie and I don't talk on the phone all that often, but I sure love it when we do. She called me this afternoon, and we had a nice chat while she waited for Audrey to get out of school in Texas and I waited for Stella and Elliot to eat their turkey sandwiches in Arizona. Hooray for phones and sisters and phone calls with sisters! I am thankful for them.


  1. i completely agree -- my sister and i talk nearly every day, which is saying a lot since we live on opposite sides of this vast nation. i don't know what i would do without talking to her as often as i do. you guys are so cute in this shot -- lesile looks like parker.

  2. Love this picture and there you are Steph with Bear. Yes Parker does look a lot like Les. So glad you two love each other so much. Blessed sisters.

  3. How cute! You look like Mabel in this picture!

  4. Elliot looks like you in this picture, and Parker looks like Leslie. Maybe we don't have such weak genes after all!

  5. we just aren't really phone people. we get it from mom. :) i love you so much, this picture is awesome!


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