Tuesday, November 27, 2012

not shopping

Mike is heading to Chicago for a business trip, so I headed to the store to find him a coat (and gloves and a scarf and whatever else is required for non-Arizona winters) (FYI: it's 81 here today). And oh man, was it a pain! After an hour Elliot, Stella, and I were toast. I am so so thankful that Mike does all of our Christmas shopping. Our Christmases would not be nearly as merry or bright if I was in charge of it all.


  1. 80 sounds wonderful. it was cool 30 today for us. my parents would love for us to visit them in arizona in the winter they miss our kids so bad. that is great mike does your shopping, if eric did it, our kids would get movies and video games:)

    1. Come visit! I'm serious. You know you're always welcome at our house. We'd love to have you.

  2. i love that mike does the shopping...i am going to have to get jeff more involved in it because that sounds heavenly.

  3. I am leaving AZ this week for a work trip to Chicago too. Hard to pack "winter clothes". Even when I know it will be cold.....it's hard to believe I'll really need all the layers. :)

  4. I'll take our hot, hot summers any day over freezng winters. We pulled out our winter coats for a trip to Utah and found a wallet that was lost two years ago, because that's how seldom we need those warm coats! Oh and I love shopping way too much to turn it over to Scott...but that's awesome for you that Mike enjoys it!


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