Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tub time silhouettes

Yesterday was a take-a-tub-to-pass-the-time kind of day. Were people bored at your house, too?


  1. We had an extra long tubby time last night... complete with bubbles. Those days that Henry and Sophie can just play for an hour together, while I sit and relax for a few minutes, are so nice!
    Miss you all.

  2. So precious; love you guys!

  3. Not only a bored kind of day at our house, but a screaming kind of day also. The worst!

  4. No, not bored at all- actually overwhelmed at work :(

    But! Your blond kiddos are straight out of MN. If you get too hot come move here, we have gorgeous falls but the winters are not a dream.

  5. oh those are gorgeous steph - your life really is like a dutch genre painting! :)


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