Thursday, September 06, 2012


Oliver arrived on a sunny Labor Day Monday in Newport Beach, California, eight years ago today. My c-section was scheduled for 1:00 pm, but my doctor must have been loathe to leave his Labor Day festivities, because he didn't get to the hospital until after 2:30.

We waited and waited, and then just like that, there was our chubby, dimpled baby boy. Where Mabel had been pink and delicate, this baby was round and grunty. I feel like I really got into the swing of things as a mother once we had Oliver. Life was easier with him around. He was such a good baby.

He is bright and kind, quiet and resourceful. He always has a stash of boxes and things under his bed in case he needs to build something. He is friends with everyone and he has the most fantastic laugh. He is a good partner to Mabel, the best big brother to Elliot, and he puts up with Stella. :)

He better not shoot his eye out with that thing.
(It's a birthday bb gun.)

The soup can survived. For now.

Happy birthday, Oliver! We're so glad you're ours.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a long time, so I have no idea how I have been unaware that we both have babies with the same birthday. My Spencer turns 5 today. Also, I turned 33 yesterday and you did last week. I also have an Elliott (2 T's though) who we considered naming Oliver. Hooray for similarities!

    Happy Birthday Oliver!

  2. My boys are going to be very jealous of the bb gun.
    Happy birthday Oliver!

  3. Happy Birthday Oliver! There is NOTHING better than a birthday bb gun, at least around here.

  4. Happy Birthday to a special great grandson. Remember holding you in the hospital as brand spanking new baby boy. Sweetess little baby so smell good,soft and cuddly. Now you are 8 years old and will be blessed on Sunday. Time goes fast and I am so sorry that we don't get to see you very often. We think of you and your sisters and show pictures of you all of the time. You are so blessed to have been born into the loving family that you have. Thank you for being so special and so glad that Heavenly Father chose you to come and live with your Mom and Dad. We love you and wish we could help you celebrate this day and your other special day on Suday.
    Great Grammy

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I love to read about your kids, Steph. The love you feel for them and how you value their individuality just bleeds off the page. (I am also comforted by the hints of how motherhood didn't come easily just when Mabel was born -- it gives me hope that I will get in the swing of motherhood eventually too :)

  6. I didn't realize we had kids so close in age that turn 8! He is sure a cute boy.


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